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Our Services

Our services are results orientated, creative, and always tailored to our clients needs. We’ve been helping seafood companies of all sizes achieve their goals. Our team of experts have the know-how and vision to transform your seafood business for long-term sustainable success. Together we want to make fish the number one protein choice for consumers. Each of our services can be obtained separately or in combination depending on the project scope.

Our approach to growth is different. We focus on promoting a dynamic growth culture that is sustainable, balanced, and rewarding. We understand that growth can be challenging, and we provide support to ensure that it's not only about financials. We believe in growing value and values simultaneously, and we recognise that growth targets can differ based on various factors such as the company and market. At the heart of our approach is the goal of delivering growth that is both fulfilling and fruitful.


  • Strategic sales advice

  • Relationship building

  • New category development

  • New business development

  • Sales Funnelling 

  • Commercial due diligence


  • Data Driven Market Analysis

  • Trade shows

  • Strategic Consulting

  • Promotion campaigns

  • Industry insights & reports

  • New market identification

  • Digital marketing

Operational Support

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  • Supply chain management

  • Supply chain audit 

  • Operational management 

  • Client maintenance 

  • Regulatory compliance

Innovation & NPD

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  • Product development

  • Quality support

  • Nutritional labelling 

  • Regulatory advice

  • Innovation

"Making profit is an ability that requires expertise in market knowledge, product understanding, and sales creativity. Through close collaboration with our partners, Vibes for Fish strives to deliver sustainable competitive advantages in a pleasant manner for both partners and their customers."

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