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Are you a fishing company, fish processor, distributor or trader of fishery products? Are you looking for an experienced trusted partner in the seafood industry? Founded by Willem Appeldorn, with Vibes for Fish you are leveraging over 20 years of Business-to-Business seafood sales- & marketing expertise.


Global Network

Vibes for Fish focuses on a wide range of partners and clients in the seafood industry. Through a vast global network, Vibes for Fish links Business-to-Business partners together. We customize our services to address your individual needs, providing the time, resources or competencies necessary to meet your needs. Vibes for Fish helps you to overcome daily obstacles and find hands-on solutions.

Knowledge of the markets

We exsist to share our passion and extensive commercial knowledge and expertise of the Business-to-Business seafood industry. Fish is one of the tastiest and healthiest products. Vibes for Fish therefore aims to help its partners put seafood in all variations on the dinner table in a responsible way for fish lovers. Every day with unrivaled and shared passion!


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